Hi, I’m Jeff and I'm a Fullstack Developer

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Recent Blog Posts

Tutorial: Protected Routes in React with Custom Hook & Context API

October 20th, 2021


This tutorial will show you how to create protected routes in React. We will utilize the react context api & create a custom hook for our protected routes. We also discuss some common problems and different implementations to address them.

How To Open a Great Pull Request

October 11th, 2021


When opening a Pull Request (PR) your goal is to get your code merged into the main branch so that it can be released & a part of the code base. However, before your code can be merged it first must be reviewed.

React Native Emoji Slider Tutorial

September 2nd, 2021


Create a cool slider with emojis in react native

My Recent Work

Daily Discomfort Project

Daily Discomfort

Daily Discomfort was created to get people out of their comfort zone by completing various user submitted challenges designed to cause discomfort. The frontend of this application was created using React Native and the backend was created using NodeJS and MongoDB for the database.

Funny Weather

Weather just got a whole lot funnier! Funny Weather gives you a funny, user submitted phrase, with your normal weather forecast. Co-created a native Swift and Kotlin application with a NodeJs backed.

Daily Discomfort Project