Hi, I’m Jeff and I'm a Fullstack Developer

I am a highly motivated software developer currently based in Cleveland, Ohio. I enjoy with React Native, React, NodeJs, .NET, .NET Core, and SQL technologies.

What I Do

Web Development

  • Beautiful and captivating website design created from scratch.
  • Full frontend application development

Mobile Development

  • Design & code fantastic mobile user experiences
  • Developing using both platform native, and react native technologies

Backend Development

  • Architect and implement various secure & scalable complex backends exposed through REST and GraphQL APIs
  • Highly customizable solutions for any needs.

My Recent Work

Daily Discomfort Project

Daily Discomfort

Daily Discomfort was created to get people out of their comfort zone by completing various user submitted challenges designed to cause discomfort. The frontend of this application was created using React Native and the backend was created using NodeJS and MongoDB for the database.

Funny Weather

Weather just got a whole lot funnier! Funny Weather gives you a funny, user submitted phrase, with your normal weather forecast. Co-created a native Swift and Kotlin application with a NodeJs backed.

Daily Discomfort Project